Fostering economic mobility for historically underrepresented talent and supporting diversity efforts across our portfolio.

Increase Access

Working with our portfolio companies, Blackstone Career Pathways™ aims to increase access to entry- and mid-level jobs for diverse and historically underrepresented talent.

Our Approach:

  • Promote practices that remove barriers to entry including removing degree requirements from select roles
  • Build talent pipelines with non-profit organizations that focus on upskilling/reskilling and colleges/universities like HBCUs, HSIs, and MSIs
  • Provide training for recruiters and hiring managers on skills-based hiring approach

Enable Advancement

With the support of our partner organizations, Blackstone Career Pathways™ works to enable advancement of diverse and historically underrepresented talent into and out of mid-level jobs.

Our Approach:

  • Create clear and accessible career paths into higher-level roles
  • Provide cross-training and upskilling opportunities
  • Invest in mentorship and sponsorship programs

Participating Portfolio Companies

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Note: All hiring decisions are made by the applicable portfolio company, and not by Blackstone Inc. (together with its affiliates, “Blackstone”).  Anyone hired by one of the portfolio companies will be an employee of that portfolio company (not Blackstone). 

Partner Organizations

Our partner organizations provide job training and placement services for talent from traditionally diverse and historically underrepresented communities to prepare them for entry-level roles in areas such as IT and operations.

Hiring Veterans Across Our Portfolio

Blackstone Career Pathways™ builds on the success of our Veterans Hiring Initiative – through which more than 100,000 veterans, veterans spouses and caregivers have been hired across our portfolio companies since 2013.

More About Blackstone Career Pathways™

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Blackstone Charitable Foundation Announces $3M Grant To Significantly Expand Career Accelerator with Blackstone Career Pathways Partner Year Up

The grant will significantly accelerate the growth of Year Up’s Career Accelerator, which collaborates with nonprofits and community colleges to provide targeted, rapid skills training and talent pipelines to employers.


More Than Just a Job: Marcus Felder on Blackstone’s Career Pathways™ Program

Vice President in Portfolio Operations Marcus Felder shares how Blackstone’s Career Pathways program strengthens our portfolio companies by broadening the candidate pool, fostering economic mobility and creating opportunity for individuals from historically under-represented groups. Beyond helping our companies recruit talent, we also help them develop inclusive, equitable environments that promote employee retention and long-term success.

Collaboration at Blackstone


Forbes: How Equity Investors Can Scale Inclusive Employment

Forbes highlights the launch of Blackstone’s Career Pathways program, aimed at creating opportunities for people from under-resourced communities.

Refugee Hiring Across Our Portfolio

Blackstone has committed to 2,000 refugee hires across global portfolio companies and real estate properties, including 1,500 refugees in the United States alone.