We drive innovation at Blackstone by building and investing in cutting-edge technology.

Continually Innovating

Technology is most impactful when it serves a direct purpose for our people and our clients. We aim to deliver streamlined workflows, accurate and reliable data, and greater access to information – all in the time and format that our clients need.

Investing in Technology

Technology is at the core of everything we do. We not only look to hire the best talent within the firm but also work collaboratively with cutting-edge companies across the industry. As part of this strategy, we make early-stage investments in some of our closest partners through Blackstone Innovations Investments.

Enabling Scale

Our laser-like focus on problem solving and our creative, entrepreneurial approach allow our relatively small group to support hundreds of billions of dollars in firmwide AUM. Each individual on our team is a key contributor to Blackstone’s success.

Our Roles

We are forward-thinking problem solvers who can take projects from idea to implementation. Our open, iterative design process and rapid pace of development mean that everyone on the team has the opportunity to make a significant impact from day one.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

One of our primary missions is to recruit and retain talented individuals, and in doing so, create a strong, diverse and inclusive community. We believe that diversity, equity & inclusion should drive how we build our teams, cultivate leaders and innovate.

Women Innovators Program

Blackstone’s Future Women Innovators Program is a one and a half day program that exposes students interested in pursuing a career in software development to the powerful role of technology in financial strategy. The program introduces students to the knowledge, training and skills that will be necessary for a well-guided career path in technology.

Diverse Innovators Program

Blackstone’s Future Diverse Innovators Program is a one and a half day program that works with groups that have historically been underrepresented in the technology sector. This program aims to show students what it’s like to work in a technology role at Blackstone – offering seminars, resume and interview workshops, technical training, networking events and ongoing mentorship.


We participate in the yearly Winternship program promoted by Cornell Tech and the City University of New York. These short internships give female students valuable exposure, experience and credentials early on in their college careers, making them more competitive when they are ready to apply for full-time positions and summer internships.

Blackstone Innovations Investments

We invest in early-stage companies aligned with areas of strategic importance to Blackstone. Deep engagement with our closest technology partners is critical to pushing innovation forward at the firm. We are constantly looking for ways to partner with new companies that are well-positioned to address pain points within our industry and across Blackstone’s portfolio companies.

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“Our technology professionals help drive our investment process and are empowered to share ideas and use their skills to make an impact across all of our businesses.”